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Hangaout Limits, and Collobration Tools

Hi Group E:

 I want to share some important information in relation to hangout limits and extra collaboration tool. It is important to  be aware of it before heading to the presentation,

Specs and limits of Hangouts

There are a few specifications and limitations of Hangouts that you should be aware of:

  • Maximum 10 participants.
  • There’s a 90 minute check-in to make sure you’re still there

Collobration Tools:

1. Screen sharing

Screen sharing lets you give other people the ability to see what’s on your computer screen. For example, if there’s a picture open on your computer screen, meeting participants can look at it without having to download anything.

To share:

  1. Click Share Screen at the top of your screen.
  2. In the window that pops up, choose your desktop or choose the window you want to present.
  3. Click Share Selected Window.

You can stop sharing your screen at any time by clicking Stop Sharing Screen.

Modify your screen

You can widen your video screen area by minimizing the left column that has your meeting notes and the group chat area. To minimize the left column click the double arrows between the video screen and the left column. You can click those double arrows again to make the left column visible.

3.  Take Notes

Once you’re in a named hangout, you can take notes by clicking Notes in the top left of your screen.

4.  Add an Existing Doc to the hangout

If you’d like to update an existing Google Document, you can click the Add document button next to Documents at the top left of the screen.

Sharing Settings

  • If you upload a Google Doc that hasn’t been shared with everyone in the hangout, you’ll be prompted to share it with the other participants so that they can see and edit it.
  • When someone new joins the meeting, someone in the meeting with sharing permissions, will have to share the Doc with them also.

Once a hangout has ended, you can still access notes by going to your Google Docs Documents list. The notes will be titled, Notes: “meeting name”.

When you’re done hanging out you can convert the Doc to another format (i.e. Word Document). To do so,

  1. Click File at the top of the document.
  2. Select Download as.
  3. Choose the file type.

5. Access notes after your hangout

To access notes after a hangout, simply sign into your Google Account and go to From there you can browse for the doc or search for it.

6. Search for your hangout Notes in Google Docs

Your notes will be named Notes: “HangoutName”. For example if the hangout name was “apple123”, you woud search for “Notes: apple123“.


I am a bit confused about hangout limits that is mention on the gogle site is 10. In our project there are 50 students who will use virtual class facility one hours per class three times a week. How this is possible that 50 students will participates  in hangout ?. I will really appreciate your answer and comments in relation to my question.






Google + is now being used for education!!!!!

Hi Guys,

After doing more snooping into the possibilities of Google + as a solution to the brief we were given I think that I’ve hit the jackpot.  Google+ is becoming increasingly popular with universities as an educational tool.  A number  of colleges are starting to use Google+ as a teaching aid, especially the “Hangout”, which is the video chat function of Google+.  As you can see there is loads being written about this and it seems like a really cutting-edge tool to be used in education and since it can be accessed via any computer/smartphone it would be fairly cost-effective.  The assignment brief also says we need to start looking at literature review, so formal research papers, just so that we stay on track. Sorry I couldn’t make Thursdays’s meeting.




And it seems that Google+ is now available to all Google Apps users (free/business version):




Google also has “Google for Educators”, maybe something to consider?

Some Info About Google +

Hi all,

I hope that you all got my mail, which I sent this morning.  I won’t be able to make the meeting on Thursday at 1, as I have to shoot one of my group’s documentaries at that time.  I completely forgot.  Sorry about the inconvenience.  I have had a look at a series of training videos on, which dealt with Google+ and I really think that it is for us.  I had a look at the video conferencing idea, they call it a “hangout” which you can invite multiple people to, or be invited to join.  It also allows you to watch videos posted on YouTube together, and then comment/chat about them together live afterwards.  A great idea for watching missed lectures, or videos relevant to the course where questions could be asked directly to the lecturer, or other class mates. Missed lectures due to bank holidays etc could be made up within the lecturer’s hour online and students could ask their questions directly.  Great for catchup/ revision classes near exam time. When a person creates their Google+ profile they are automatically given a gmail account which would be a handy college only account.  Google+ also searches your gmail account and suggests people who might fit into the various circles.  You can also search for non-gmail friends too.  There is also a chat option, as there is on gmail, where multiple people can chat simultaneously.  Also there is a comment/message/feed section like Twitter, but unlike Twitter (with 140 characters only) the limit here is 2000 words!  So full essays/articles/readings/lecture transcripts/assignment briefs etc could be shared with those in the “class circle” only.  It is also available to use on all computers/laptops/android/smartphones/iphones/mobile phones with internet and if the Google+ app is downloaded onto these smart/android/iphones it can automatically upload photos/videos.  This is great if a student misses a lecture and a classmate can film the class and upload and share it with the class automatically.  It also allows you to upload videos which you can share with chosen groups, ie the class circle.  I really think that this might be the best, and most forward thinking solution for our brief.  Its one place that the lecturer can spend the 1 hour three times a week that the students can get the most benefit from. While it is not able to link in with Google apps making it not great for business use, this is not far in the future it seems.  The video suggests that you can create a new circle called “Work2Export” which will allow you to create a circle with relevant work people (or in this case class people) which can be added to the new work account (college/course account) when that becomes available later this/early next year.  This would therefore allow you to avoid setting up a new Google profile at that later stage.  We should find out from Waseem when this course is to begin and if its in September this might still be an option.  I also found the article below which I think could deal with some of our concerns.  Let me know if there is anything else you can think of  that I need to look at.  In the mean time I’ll keep looking into it.  Have a good meeting on Thursday.

The Lynda video also said to keep an eye on the Google blog for news and updates on Google+.

Some videos

Talk soon,


Well Done Lance!

Morning Group E,

Just wanted to say well done to Lance for setting up the blog.  Thanks a mil.  Also, I think we had a good meeting yesterday.  I’m looking forward to getting stuck into some research over the weekend.   Thought I’d post the assignment brief so that its always easily accessible.

MSCC_MSCDM_ Group_Task_Sept2011

See you Thursday at 1.